Horse Love & Poems


💖💖I lay my head  upon the softness of its mane My white charger, no knight for a swain as I am the gallant rider looking for love. Riding the green valleys with mountains above, looking for hope in natures  fertile plain A dream, a carousel  of  tears  and  pain With bobbing horses making  a colorful train Flying above a sure sign of hope, a dove I lay my head  Imagination in play as I search in vain Why from happiness  must I abstain My empty heart crying out to those above  Praying each night, please bring me love  Grabbing a handful of the silky white mane I lay my head.💖💖

The Cowboy Life I Love

💖💖I squint my eyes from the glaring sun As I drive cattle across the open range. I am the youngest hand, so I ride drag Covered by the dust stirred into the wind. This is the life I have chosen To hear the steady creaking of my saddle The songs of the cowboys as they lead the herd The lowing cattle as they smell water. This is the life I live To see the endless stretches of prairie The hens and rabbits scuttling away The ponderous beasts flowing in a living stream. This is the life I love Watching the horses graze peacefully at night The cattle milling about during my night ride My horse's gentle breathing as I circle them. May this be my lot while here I remain May I drink from the freely flowing streams And breathe the pairie air until I die. Whether life be short or long May I ever onward toil, and be content With the satisfaction of honest work With the steady pounding of hooves Biscuits and chili by a wavering fire And sleeping under the sky on the open range.💖💖

Daisy Trips

💖💖Daisy trips and falls apart The mysterious rider brings her back And now wonders how she ll find The way back home cause is its off the line And runs away leaving the rider alone He comes back for her On the dark dawn She refuses to go back to his lost life The angered rider loses control Cause daisy was the one whom he loved from soul And for one last time he asks her to go To the dark den with him for eternal light For daisy nods no cause she loves her home Fuming with fury he wins along Cause daisy said she will stand her ground The rider calls in his horse to take leave Distressed yet still in love he climbs his horse Galloping his horse he starts to race While snatching daisy from her most beloved home Cautious and anxious she struggles through the ride Then comes the deepest valley with the bridge Daisy unknown of the little bit of it Tussling and grappling the little doll piece Falls of the bridge before he could grab her Bawling for help when taws’ to late for her And once again Daisy trips and falls apart But the mysterious rider on black mare couldn’t save her fall For he is down with the heart ache of his lost love And as said so....... He wanders on the edge of the bridge you see In search of his lost love or her screams not knowing its too late for all her pleas 'Cos the daisy was the one whom he loved from h soul. And daisy said no cause she loved her home And so goes the story of one lost soul who took control with her innocent prose!💖